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Board Member Job Descriptions


  • Oversees the other officers and volunteers

  • Conducts club meetings

  • Communicates with membership, the Lifestyles desk, and other clubs

  • Plans club activities, meetings, or events with assistance from other officers

  • Attends meetings of SCSH as necessary

  • Schedules meeting rooms with Lifestyle

  • Appoints the Mentoring Workshop Coordinator, the Club Webmaster, and the Publicity Chair  and approves the tasks delegated to them

  • Assures that meeting minutes, room participation reports, and financial reports are submitted to Lifestyle


First Vice President

  • Assumes president's role when necessary and assists president as requested

  • Contacts and books speakers for club meetings



  • Records meeting minutes

  • Prepares meeting minutes for submission to Lifestyle

  • Maintains files of correspondence, reports, minutes, and records



  • Accepts payment of dues from members; keeps a database of members and the treasury funds

  • Deposits funds into the Club’s bank account and disperses funds for expenses

  • Prepares financial and membership reports quarterly for Lifestyle.

Publicity Chair 

  • Submits articles for publication in the View

  • Directs handouts to the club webmaster for posting to the website

  • Creates and distributes flyers promoting the club 

  • Drafts and sends correspondence to persons or groups as necessary

Mentoring Workshop Coordinator​

  • Coordinates the Workshop monthly meeting by booking the room, managing contacts from members looking for help, and finding mentors to assist these members

Club Webmaster

  • Maintains the Club's website to keep information current, upload meeting handouts, and update the connected calendar

  • Oversees  the Google Club Forms link by forwarding mentoring requests to the Mentoring Workshop Coordinator 


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