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New Additions to Handouts Page:

Genealogy Podcast! -  On November 13, 2023, Bob Firring welcomed Cindy Hailpern and Jim Kintner, members of our Club. Click here to listen to them speak about the Club and what it has to offer.  Or you can click here to read a transcript! 

Ron Gilmore's 2023 View Articles - Ron is our Club's contributor to the monthly View magazine.  To review an indexed version of his articles from 2023, Click here! 


 Immigrant Ports of Exit and Entry - A list of ports used by people immigrating from the British Isles &

Europe and ports immigrants entered in the United States 

Search Tips - Taken from View articles published from 2019 - 2020


Genealogical Research Using Land & Property Records - Larry's Handout


Widows, Spinsters, & Bachelors - Locating the Unmarried Members in your Family Tree - Sara's Handout 


English Heritage Research - Greg's Handout


Finding "La Famiglia" - Researching your Italian HeritageWerden's handout

Researching His Father's Service in WWII - Jim Kintner 

Genealogy Club View Articles (various topics) - published in 2021

Genealogy Club View Articles (various topics) - published in 2022 

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